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Benefits of Somatic Movement

The somatic movement also referred to as somatic education, is the lineage of moderate movement practice that started with Moshe Feldenkrais’s Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons. Through moderate movements conducted with full awareness, people can break down old customs of movement and posture and open up the likelihood of standing, sitting, and moving in new and well-organized ways. Through somatic movement, our body and brain are integrated and connected. This can lead to improved sleep and digestion, reduction in chronic pain, and more benefits. This page explains more about the benefits of somatic movement.

The first benefit is that it wakes sections of your brain, which communicate to particular body systems and organs. These movements enable you to become completely aware of the way your soma is moving or not, in some instances. Mindfully and slowly moving with the three-step process trained within the somatic movement lets you notice the way your customs have been changing the pressure within your muscles. In a short period, you come to know that this powerful yet gentle movement practice changes the plasticity o your brain. Actually, feeling and sensing what your nervous system is silently doing in the background during your busy moments allows you to get a greater insight into your behavior, habits, and mindset, among others. This insight gives you a learning environment, letting you become aware of what your soma really requires in order to decrease pain, move freely, improve posture, and develop a broader understanding of your mindfulness.

Secondly, it helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This movement practice enables you to pay keen attention to your sensations, your position in space, your soma, the subtle changes happening in your digestive system, heart rate, and breathing. By practicing particular techniques, you are better positioned to dial down the anxiety response. Only then can your nervous system change over from self-preservation and endurance mode to slowing down, discovering and absorbing new information. Your brain is the control center of your entire movement, and movement also has a great impact on your brain. The magnitude of movement and how you move to have an immense impact on the way you feel and think. That is the outstanding element of combining somatic movement with mindfulness. Somatic movement plays another more crucial role in section of your physical, mental, and emotional health. By engaging in mindful somatic movement, one can gain back door access, as it were, to make a positive change to your emotional and mental health since movement starts to release withdrawn emotion, increases oxygenated blood flow to your tissues, slows down your response to anxiety, and allows endorphins to circulate so that you can begin to repair and recuperate.

Finally, it helps release chronically tight muscles. The three-step process used within soma movement lower pain, increase mobility and improve posture. Using these techniques heightens your awareness and lets you sense and feel what’s happening other than being informed by someone else about what’s going on with your wellbeing and health. Nothing is as empowering as understanding the way your some really ‘ticks’ and the steps to take to re-center or recalibrate yourself after a stressful or intense day, week, or month.

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