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Why You Should Buy Liquid Fertilizers for Your Farm

It’s every farmer’s wish to grow healthy crops and increase yields. Since crop productivity largely depends on farming choices, we can help you choose the best fertilizer for your crops. With the right fertilizer for your farm, you can rest assured of healthier and larger yields. We have a list of the best liquid fertilizers that will help maximize your ROI.
If you’d like to try your hand at efficient and effective fertilizers, here are the reasons why you should buy liquid fertilizers.

Ensure Uniform Application
Liquid fertilizers allow you to apply the concentration to all plants evenly. This is unlike when using granular fertilizers, which are dropped on the farm unevenly. When using liquid fertilizers, the liquid is spread across the farm, forming a uniform coating. That means all your plants will receive the nutrients regardless of their location.

Absorbed Quickly
For your plants to accelerate growth and improve health and productivity, they need to absorb fertilizers in real-time. Using granular fertilizers slows the absorption process. The solid nature of granular fertilizers means they have to absorb water first before soaking in the soil. On the other hand, liquid fertilizers don’t have to absorb water first – they’re already in liquid form. When you apply liquid fertilizers on your farm, they’ll penetrate the soil immediately, and the plants will absorb them right away.

Easy to Apply
Liquid fertilizers are easy to apply across your field compared to granular variations. When using granular fertilizers, you need to drop the solid particles in a pattern or drop them near the roots of your crops. As a result, you’ll use more time and energy dropping the granules across your farm. By contrast, liquid fertilizers can be applied easily by using the irrigation process. You will spend less time spraying the concentration across your farm without using any pattern. Additionally, you’ll easily apply the right concentration evenly across the farm.

Healthier Plants
When using liquid fertilizers, it’s easier to measure the right concentration for your plants. It’s always advisable to measure the pH of your soil before applying fertilizers. That’s why you’ll need to measure the suitable concentration ideal for your plants and soil. The thing is, it’s difficult to measure the right amount of granular fertilizers. As a result, you may apply Nitrogen or Potassium that might kill your plants. When using liquid fertilizers, you can apply the right amount and rest assured of healthier plants.

Granular fertilizers come in heavy bags that you’ll find challenging to handle. Additionally, you’ll need to protect yourself from inhaling the dust. On the other hand, liquid fertilizers come in easy-to-handle bags and gallons. You can handle them easily, and when applying, you don’t have to worry about inhaling the dust.

Would you like to learn more about our liquid fertilizers? We can help you select the perfect liquid fertilizer for your farm. Contact us today, and let’s help you make your farm more productive with the most effective liquid fertilizer.

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