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Tips For Hiring a General Contractor

If you are building a home, you’re going to need a general contractor to oversee the project. This individual is also known as a prime contractor or main contractor. In addition to overseeing the site on a daily basis, a general contractor oversees vendors and trades on the job site and communicates with all parties about the project. Here are some tips for hiring a general contractor. These are the most important factors to look for in a general contractor.

– Experience. A general contractor should have plenty of experience, especially in building, and excellent communication skills. As the liaison between the project and the client, he or she must be able to convey good news and bad news to both parties. As such, it’s important to hire someone who is able to effectively communicate bad news and emphasize the positives. These are just a few of the traits of an exceptional general contractor. So, what are the other essential qualities of a good general contractor?

– Skilled: A good general contractor should be able to coordinate a team of specialists and subcontractors. He or she should also have strong relationships with other professionals in the industry. General contractors can also work in remote cities, overseeing personnel they’ve never met. In addition to working on projects all over the world, a general contractor can oversee all aspects of a project. A good general contractor can ensure a high quality project while working in a challenging environment.

– Paying upfront: Although most GCs outline a payment schedule that depends on the time of completion, some of them ask for a down payment to get the project started. Then, the remaining money is due upon delivery. However, if the project is large, a general contractor who requests payment up front is likely an independent contractor. Paying in advance is a risky proposition because it entails significant risks.

– Choosing the right subcontractors: Often times, a general contractor will hire several subcontractors for a project. While you might be able to find an excellent general contractor in your area, hiring someone who has never worked with any of these companies can end in disaster. A general contractor will know who is best suited for the job. If you’re unsure of which subcontractors to hire, Sweeten has an online platform that handpicks the top general contractors and matches them with projects based on budget, style, and location.

A high school diploma is necessary for becoming a general contractor, and some college education may also be required. In addition, the average general contractor earns around 30% profit on a project, which is the typical industry rate. Small projects should be less than 20% of that. It is important to note that a general contractor must consider other factors before deciding on the price they will charge. These factors can influence the final cost. And the final decision will ultimately depend on the scope of the project.

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